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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

Search Engine Optimization is the most crucial and powerful marketing tool used today, large number of businesses and brands are benefitting from SEO and this is high time for Roatan based businesses to start using SEO, as search engine optimization presents countless opportunities. Keywords are used to enhance the search engine rankings and backlinks also play a pivotal role in website’s standings. We offer multiple SEO packages so our esteemed customers enjoy the liberty and freedom to choose the one that best suits their business needs.

Main Benefits

  • Be on first page of Google
  • Make more sales
  • Get return on investement
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We offer you 3 types of SEO package

Basic Package

This package is tailor-made for small scale businesses as it includes registration to directories and websites along with trivial website optimization through keywords and meta-tags.

Medium Package

This package includes registration and optimization to relevant and better search engines, websites and directories, along with minor SEO through page titles, keywords and meta-tags. Our medium package also offers Google focus program.

Advanced Program

This is our best program as it includes numerous perks such as advanced and enhanced search engine optimization, listing to best directories and websites including some paid listing to few of the most exclusive websites, monthly evaluations which are important to figure out and identify loop holes in the system and lastly Google and BING focus programs. The long list of rewards associated with advanced program does not end here as customers also get high level SEO through meta-tags, keywords and page titles. Also include monthly or weekly blog post to show Google your a active and relevant to search.


Alongside these three packages we also offer monthly monitoring package, which by far is the best option as search engines regularly change their ranking methods and being on top of search results is a challenging task but through our monthly package it is pretty much possible.

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Case by Case

Since Search Engine Optimization is always a case by case we always take our time to study your competitors and deploy a strategie that will leave them behind.

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